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Discover the Wine Regions of Quebec

Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.

André Simon

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Quebec, a wine region? Yes. Absolutely. In fact, there are over 30 wineries in Quebec located in five distinct regions.

Although grapes have been cultivated in Quebec for centuries, it is only in the last twenty years that local wine production has taken off in a big way.

Few people outside the region are familiar with Quebec wines because the majority of production is consumed domestically. Many wineries sell out their inventory simply by marketing to visitors of the winery.

A Unique Wine Region

It's not often that you get to experience first hand the growth of a new wine region in the world. Most of the time you are dealing with long established commercial operations that provide a slick managed experience when dealing with visitors. In Quebec that's not the case. More often that not you'll be dealing directly with the owner of the winery, experiencing first hand what the winery has to offer from someone who knows. Most of the wineries are small family run operations. The wineries are run less as a business and more as a labor of love. You'll immediately get to see and understand that for yourself if you visit the properties. provides you with a resource and guide not only to the area of wine appreciation but specifically to the charm of the Quebec wine regions. You'll find information on the Quebec wine route, information on cold climate wine production, general information on wine appreciation, and travel information for the area.

Wine and Cheese

What goes better with wine than cheese. Quebec is one of the most exciting cheese production regions in North America. Perhaps it's the French influence, but if you love cheese check out our section devoted to the specialty cheese producers of Quebec.

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