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Discover the Wine Regions of Quebec

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Wine Videos Online

Here is a list of select videos you can watch online for free related to wine, wine making and wine appreciation. Click on the video title you want to watch.

Wine Tasting for the Young Generation

Learn the basics of wine tasting with a visit to a California Winery. (Duration 8:17)

California Wine

How is Californian Wine Classified. (Duration 4:59)

The Influence of Wine

Commentary on wine and it's influence in world history. (Duration 1:41)

Bordeaux, Bordeaux!

A Tasting of 4 different Bordeaux wines. (Duration 8:06)

Wolf Blass Winery

A short video on the Wolf Blass Winery in Australia. (Duration 2:04)

How To Develop Your Wine Palate

Suggestions for improving your wine appreciation and tasting skills. (Duration 1:51)

Canadian Ice Wines

An extended presentation on Canadian Ice Wines and Dessert Wines.

Wine and Food Pairing

People often worry about what wine can be served with what meal. This video outlines various food and wine pairings for red wine. (Duration 3:21)

American Center For Wine, Food and the Arts

Detailed commentary on select Napa Valley white wines (Duration 5:11)

Desert Wines

A good introduction to dessert wines.

Champagne Glasses

Different styles of Champagne glasses are presented in this video hilighting the benefits of each style. (Duration 2:05)

Wine Appreciation For The Real Novice

In this video clip, Borat, the fictional Kazakh journalist attends a wine tasting in Mississippi.

Basics of Wine Storage

This video outlines how to ensure that your wine collection remains in good condition while aging. (Duration 3:11)

Buy this Champagne

A brief video on understanding your customer's needs when suggesting possible wine purchases. Champagne is used as an example. (Duration 1:32)

Seasonal Influence on Wine Selection

The effect of the season on wine selection is discussed in this video. (Duration 1:27)

Wine Library Video Blog

This is Episode 1 in a series devoted to wine.

Wine Glass Characteristics

This video presents a brief discussion on the various characteristics of wine glasses and how to use them. (Duration 2:09)